Fall Stitching Needle Card

September 16, 2011


I have this small, round side table that I decided needs a round, quilted table topper for the fall.  I decorated the other day for fall/Halloween and it looks a little barren in that spot.  So I found a great stitchery at The Floss Box (thanks to Amanda H. for the link) and have started stitching when I have a few minutes.  I figure this will be the center and I’ll scrappy piece around the sides to make it the right diameter.  I’m looking forward to completing this one and sharing it.  I love having a vision in my head of something and seeing it through.


When I was gathering the thread colors I wanted to use onto a ring, I realized I wanted to have a few needles to hold multiple threads, rather than constantly changing thread when I still had usable amounts left on the needle.  Which of course led to me needing a needle “card” to hold them all.  So I grabbed a piece of fall fabric, some batting and some wool felt and cut them all out into circles.  Then I stitched them together and used pinking shears around the edge.  Finally, I put a small grommet on there so it could fit on my ring and always be with the threads.  It’s proved very useful, and quite cute, too!  And of course I have it all stashed in my Hoop Travel Bag that I made from the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery pattern.

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