Modern Feathers Class

September 5, 2015


Next month i’ll be teaching a Modern Free-Motion Feathers class at Modern Domestic on their new Bernina Q24 longarm!  If you have a midarm or longarm machine, or like to rent time on the longarm at the shop, and have wanted to learn the basics of quilting feathers, this is the class for you!    We will start at the very beginning, learning how to form a basic feather spine and petal and from there branch out to learn just what we can do with it.


You can add fun things like decorative spines, swirls between feathers and branch out to add more feathers to an existing feather.  In class i’ll be demonstrating how these designs all flow and each student will have a chance to practice and recieve advice  as they quilt.  The class size is intentionally kept small (only 4 per class) so that everyone has a chance to practice forming feathers.


The class is 3 hours long, and that might seem like a long time to be in a class, but the time will fly by with everything I hope to teach you.  This class will meet October 24th from 11a to 2p and is limited to 4 students.  If this class fills up, they will be adding a second class later in the afternoon, so don’t despair if you are signing up online and the class shows full.


Before my class, on October 19th @ 10am, Modern Domestic will be hosting their first meeting of the Longarm Club.  I am looking forward to being there as a guest speaker.  I’ve talked with Michelle about it recently and it sounds like a great club that will be teaching all kind of fun stuff to do on the longarm.  Stay tuned for more info on that.


I hope to be adding more class offerings on the longarm soon, so please speak up if you have something in particular you’d like to learn to do on the longarm.

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