Modern Hexagons

July 17, 2014

Hexagon Coffee Break

I needed a little crafty break the other day.  Our property keeps me busy this time of year, and then longarm quilting has been keeping me busy when i’m not outside, so I haven’t been terribly creative lately.  Sometimes I just need to sit and mindlessly craft.  Hexagons seemed like the perfect solution.  I spotted this perfectly modern hexagon mini in my Pinterest feed (link in the sidebar) a few weeks ago and just knew I was going to have to make it.  Go take a look so you understand the rest of what i’m talking about here.

….  waiting for you to go have a look

Did you go see?  Did you fall in love with it too?  Of course you did!

I happened to have a jelly roll of the same fabrics Modern Handcraft (Nicole) used opened and in use, so I knew I could easily steal a few snippets from the ends for this project.  I raided my solid scraps bin to even it out and got everything made to make the mini.  I have it all laid out (the same as Nicole’s, because I loved the layout so much), glued on and it’s being quilted.  Which will take me awhile.  I am not a huge fan of quilting on my domestic, but for these tiny lines I think that’s the best route.  I know that I didn’t glue everything perfectly straight, so loading it on the longarm would actually be less helpful in getting all of the straight stitches made through the centers of all the hexagons.  I can fiddle better and have it look nicer on my domestic.  Thank goodness for the walking foot!  I’ll post an update as soon as I finish.

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