• Zigzag Block Tutorial

    Sometimes Crafter March 17, 2009

      Well, here we go!  For you experienced quilters, there will be a little more info than needed.  For those of you somewhat new to the game, I hope to provide ample information.  Never hesitate to email should you have a question.  I’m always here to help. 1. Pick out 5 complimentary fabrics and cut the following: Fabric 1: two – 4 1/4” squares (this will be the top of…

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  • Coasters Tutorial

    Sometimes Crafter March 12, 2009

    I made some of these for my friend for her birthday.  They are so quick and easy! Directions 1.  Cut out your fabric for the top and bottom, and a piece of batting to sandwich between, 4” square.  Gather scraps, at least as big as the area you want to show through on top.  I cut my scraps to 4” square, also. 2. Draw your design, to be cut out after…

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  • Hot Pads Tutorial

    Sometimes Crafter March 10, 2009

    So my mom has some ugly as sin, macramé “hot pads” that my step-cousin did for my stepdad when we were young.  Really young.  We never really used them (okay, not at all) until recently.  It’s great for when she’s heated tea on the gas range.  The tea pot handle is too hot to touch alone, so we always use that ugly thing.  Well, time to make some new ones. …

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