{Cheaters} 8 Point Star

April 16, 2010


So, getting back to the Sampler Quilt-Along… I’m several blocks behind and it is my goal to get those done next.  See, I have some fabric waiting for another quilt pattern, but I’ve forbid myself to work on it until the last four blocks are done.  So here is “November’s” block.  Our inspiration block for this quilt was an 8 point star, which uses a 45 degree angle diamond and is usually paper pieced, but I felt like finding a lazy-quilters route to this block.  The basic idea behind the block is to have a traditional star block with a center pinwheel block…only we are using a different fabric for each of the 8 points and that corresponding fabric for the pinwheel points.  Snazzy, huh!  The tutorial is a little different than my usual step-by-step photo directions, instead I’ve created you a quick sheet with diagram, cutting and piecing directions.  Let me know if you have questions and I’d love to see your blocks!

{Cheaters} 8 Piece Star Tutorial (PDF)

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