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  • Sometimes Crafter Longarm Quilting - Darci Yaden Modern Maple

    Modern Maples + Modern Feathers

    Sometimes Crafter August 15, 2015

    I was going through my photos of my longarm quilting today and realized there are a lot of quilts that I haven’t shared here yet.  I’m not exaggerating when I say “a lot”.  I am pretty good about sharing photos on Instagram as I’m working on a quilt, but it’s usually only a sneak peek, and I don’t always share every quilt I work on.  I need to be better…

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  • _MG_0432

    Quilting Modern Loops

    Sometimes Crafter July 22, 2015

    Quilt made by Callie Applestein, quilted by me with “modern loops”.

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  • Quilting Anna’s < > Quilt

    Sometimes Crafter June 17, 2015

    Today i’m sharing photos of Anna’s < > Quilt from her new book Handmade Style.  I just love the simplicity of this quilt!  It’s so “Dutch Modern” to me, and perfectly fits Anna’s style.  I wasn’t at all surprised when I pulled this top out to quilt.  Anna and I talked briefly about the pattern and both arrived at this simple design. The design is a simple repeat that I drew…

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  • Quilting A Meadow Quilt

    Sometimes Crafter June 2, 2015

    This is going to be a picture heavy post today.  More often than not lately it seems i’m doing a lot of “custom” quilting.  What that usually entails is a few different designs in different places on the quilt, some quilts more intricate than others.  This quilt happened to be my favorite type of custom quilting, the kind where a client says “Do whatever you want!  Surprise me!”  We talk…

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  • Quilting A Fight Song

    Sometimes Crafter February 13, 2015

    As Christmas was approaching I had an email asking if I was still accepting quilts returned in time for Christmas gifting.  It just so happens that I was, but just barley.  Jennifer asked if I could quilt the chorus from the University of Michigan fight song onto a quilt she made for her son, who is currently a student there.  I just love being a part of a gift like…

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  • _MG_6827

    Quilting Buzzing Bees

    Sometimes Crafter August 28, 2014

    I had the opportunity to quilt one of the sweetest quilts recently.  It was a sampler quilt with so many bright, cheerful fabrics, depicting all the different seasons.  I went searching to see what this quilt is, and it looks to be part of the Quilty Fun Sew Along & Blog Tour for Lori Holt’s book Quilty Fun (affiliate link). As I do with most of my quilting requests, I sent along…

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  • Cathedral Window Quilting

    Fox Has Cathedral Windows

    Sometimes Crafter July 21, 2014

    Another recently quilted top sent in to be quilted.  Callie did an amazing job piecing this Fox Has Spots block of the month quilt.  She went with the Cathedral Window design and I think it worked out quite perfectly for the top.  Even though I mostly use the Statler (computer portion of my Gammill) to quilt the tops, it’s still a lot of work making sure everything rolls straight and…

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  • _MG_5907

    Gallifreyan Quilting

    Sometimes Crafter July 2, 2014

    I’m a huge Doctor Who fan.  I’ve been watching it since I was a little girl and it aired on PBS.  I don’t remember much of the original Doctor Who, but i’ve watched all of the newer ones since they began airing.  I’m actually a season behind right now.  I hate to watch knowing it will end.  I also have a hard time watching, knowing that I will need to…

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  • Star Quilt Custom Quilting

    Sometimes Crafter June 23, 2014

    I just finished quilting this beautiful star quilt that Beca made. This was a custom quilting job – boarders, sashing and blocks were all quilted separately.  The fabrics were just beautiful and I especially loved that the “background” fabric was a tiny print.  It was such a sweet quilt.  I took many photos of it and the quilting.  Unfortunately, my SD Card must have a bad sector and almost all of the photos I…

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