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  • Sometimes Crafter Longarm Quilting - Darci Yaden Modern Maple

    Modern Maples + Modern Feathers

    Sometimes Crafter August 15, 2015

    I was going through my photos of my longarm quilting today and realized there are a lot of quilts that I haven’t shared here yet.  I’m not exaggerating when I say “a lot”.  I am pretty good about sharing photos on Instagram as I’m working on a quilt, but it’s usually only a sneak peek, and I don’t always share every quilt I work on.  I need to be better about that, though.  This is my business and how does someone know if they want to hire me for longarm quilting if they can’t see a full range of my…

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  • Painted Basket Quilt

    Sometimes Crafter August 12, 2015

    This pattern can now be purchased here! A few weeks ago Art Gallery Fabrics emailed to see if I would be interested in creating something with Katarina Roccella’s new line, Imprint.  I really like Katarina’s designs, but I’m sure you have noticed from my last few quilts, I tend to go for lighter colored fabrics that have very little in the way of saturated color, and Katarina’s fabrics never lack for beautifully saturated colors.  I almost said no because of my desire to always create things that are light and bright, but then I had a peek at the lookbook…

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  • AGF Stitched // Fractal Quilt

    Sometimes Crafter July 27, 2015

    Once again, I was so pleased to be asked to participate in the AGF Stitched series.  This time around we used the Kites Plus Ruler by Creative Grids to create the Fractal Quilt (this link takes you to the free pattern).  Despite there being quite a few Y-seams, the quilt went together ridiculously fast!  It ended up taking me two days, but only because I got a late start cutting on the first day, otherwise it could easily be made in a day. As with the last quilt in the series, I wanted to go with fabrics that were light and…

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  • _MG_0432

    Quilting Modern Loops

    Sometimes Crafter July 22, 2015

    Quilt made by Callie Applestein, quilted by me with “modern loops”.

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  • Quilting Anna’s < > Quilt

    Sometimes Crafter June 17, 2015

    Today i’m sharing photos of Anna’s < > Quilt from her new book Handmade Style.  I just love the simplicity of this quilt!  It’s so “Dutch Modern” to me, and perfectly fits Anna’s style.  I wasn’t at all surprised when I pulled this top out to quilt.  Anna and I talked briefly about the pattern and both arrived at this simple design. The design is a simple repeat that I drew up in AutoSketch and had the Statler (computer) quilt out.  I made sure to center the diamonds into the center yellow space for the best effect.  While it is essentially…

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  • Quilting A Fight Song

    Sometimes Crafter February 13, 2015

    As Christmas was approaching I had an email asking if I was still accepting quilts returned in time for Christmas gifting.  It just so happens that I was, but just barley.  Jennifer asked if I could quilt the chorus from the University of Michigan fight song onto a quilt she made for her son, who is currently a student there.  I just love being a part of a gift like this.  Quilting a quilt that will be loved and cherished is always special, but a quilt like this is just a little more special and to quilt it specially with…

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  • _MG_6827

    Quilting Buzzing Bees

    Sometimes Crafter August 28, 2014

    I had the opportunity to quilt one of the sweetest quilts recently.  It was a sampler quilt with so many bright, cheerful fabrics, depicting all the different seasons.  I went searching to see what this quilt is, and it looks to be part of the Quilty Fun Sew Along & Blog Tour for Lori Holt’s book Quilty Fun (affiliate link). As I do with most of my quilting requests, I sent along several quilting ideas that I thought might work for this top.  Secretly, I usually have one in the bunch that I hope the clients picks, and this quilt was no different.…

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  • Cathedral Window Quilting

    Fox Has Cathedral Windows

    Sometimes Crafter July 21, 2014

    Another recently quilted top sent in to be quilted.  Callie did an amazing job piecing this Fox Has Spots block of the month quilt.  She went with the Cathedral Window design and I think it worked out quite perfectly for the top.  Even though I mostly use the Statler (computer portion of my Gammill) to quilt the tops, it’s still a lot of work making sure everything rolls straight and lines up correctly.  It’s no easy job with this pattern, but worth the time it takes to line it all up and have it stitched so perfectly.

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  • Longarm Quilting

    Sometimes Crafter May 3, 2014

    Despite the fact that it’s been quiet here on the blog-front, i’ve actually been quite busy quilting for others.  Much of what i’ve been doing lately i’m not able to share, as they have been for future publications as well as for Spring Quilt Market.  When the time arrives, I will share fuller pictures of those pieces of work, but for now I thought i’d share a little peek of those quilts, as well as quilts I can share more of. Quilting on two different quilts for a favorite client.  But I can’t say who, or for what yet.  I will…

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